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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2012 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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we would like to thanks ssf tv and services for the constant support of our meetings. item number one, call to order and roll call. the meeting is called to order. at 5:34 p.m. >> commissioner will call adams. here. >> duly. >> here. >> commissioner dwight? >> absent. >> he is on his way, i saw him coming up. >> commissioner on brian. >> here. >> commissioner carnega is absent. >> commissioner white. >> here. >> commissioner riley. >> here. >> commissioners we have quorum >> okay. next item, commissioners, item number two, introduction of new small office small business staff.
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>> commissioners, i would like to take this moment to do an introduction to our new staff member and city hall fellow and then afterwards. i would also like for each of you maybe to give a brief introduction of yourself to our staff members. first i would like to introduce you to christian murdock who is our new business counselor and will be doing policy and analytical work for the office as well. so i will have christian give you an introduction to himself. >> good evening commissioners and director. my name is christian murdock the second week here with the office of small business. it is good pleasure to be here with the team and help out with the work. >> prior to my arrival, i worked at the city mission
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veajo, we work on project and permits. small business owners and residents and large businesses and so forth. prior to that, i worked for the michigan department of transportation in the intermodel transportation division working on the projects like the general aviation, and car pools and railway and ports, etc..
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to the nyc business express wizard. while the tool may not be developed under me all of the content and the mapping of the tool will be under my under tanking and my duty to fulfill. the goal of the on-line portal is to allow the san francisco businesses a comprehensive pdsing of the appropriate licenses and permits needed to open, control grow and continue to operate within the city with a simple and accurate on-line
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tool. >> i just graduated from the catholic university from washington, d.c. and happy to join you guys with this endeavor. >> welcome. >> great, welcome. >> we are going to keep you guys busy. >> i would like for you to take a moment, again, to say your names and then perhaps, talk just say one or two sentences about you. so commissioner, we will just go around. >> yes, i'm commissioner monetta white. i am a native san francisco an and i have a business called 1300 on fillmore and it is a full service restaurant. welcome. >> mark dwight, founder and owner of a company called ag works in the city and we manufacture in the dog patch neighborhood and a non-profit
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that supports local manufacturing. >> kathleen dooley a florist out of north beep. >> steve adams, managing director of sterling bank and trust in san francisco and i am also involved in a lot of neighborhood merchant organizations here in san francisco. >> and commissioner luke obrian founder of the real estate company called obrien investments as you can tell it is a chinese company. and very proud of it and also a member of the san francisco coalition for responsible growth which is a small business in san francisco. >> irene riley and a retired bank executives after 35 years and i have been working with small businesses through my tenure with the bank and i grew up in the small business environment. my family has been in small business for 30-something years.
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>> so, thank you, for taking the time to come and introduce yourself at the commission meeting and thanks so much. >> and you are certainly welcome to stay and watch the meeting. >> oh, yeah. >> you don't have to. >> really. >> next item. commissioners, item number three, presentation of a small business commission statistics of honor recognizing a city employee, beverly as part of the scc employee recognition program.
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>> hi commissioners, commissioner obrien here and the first time doing this presentation which is long overdue and i am honored to be doing it for a person who has deserved this recognition, we would like for the record to remind people again what the presentation is all about. so from time-to-time, the small business commission and the small business assistance center worked together to recognize people within the city who are deserving of recognition for their contributions to the small business community in the city and county of san francisco. and we actually believe that our small assistance center could probably get a recognition every day for every employee there. but we have to go outside of there, sometimes. and i am particularly honored to be recognizing beverly popek a city employee for many years and i have had occasion to work with beverly in her role as
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helping small businesses become comply ant. i was an applicant, slash assistant to a company that was attempting to become a business enterprise company that was fulfilling the requirements to be an lb, including subscribing to and supporting ordinances such as equal rights for partners and some other ordinances that are unique to san francisco that you have to support to become a local business enterprise. the lb is also very important because it is something that drives businesses in san francisco. and they are the ones more than any of the big companies that provide local employment. they are the engine of growth for the small business community and for the city as a whole. so this work is very important. and we all complain from time-to-time when we have to deal with the city employees. they are an easy target and i
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certainly never received one occasion in my interactions with beverly where i could make a complaint of the response that i got. the intelligent assistance that i got with issues that were at odds with getting through the process and she was very diligent about her work. and she exemp lified it. and i am honored to be here awarding her with this recognition and i would like to read the exact words that are spelled out. the certificate of honor, small business commission the city and county of san francisco, beverly popek general services agency. on this monday, september 10th, 2012, the small business commission is proud to acknowledge the contributions
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that beverly popek has made to the san francisco small business community. as a contract compliance officer, beverly works tirelessly with the businesses to assist them in becoming certified local business enterprises which provides enhanced opportunities for local small businesses to contact with the city. beverly is highly respected among her peers and the staff of the office of small business extends her appreciation as well. for the work that she does with the office. beverly serves in an example for all city employees and is most deserving of this recommend. congratulations beverly. [ applause ] >> okay. well, thank you very much. i just wanted to thank you for this recognition, and working with small businesses day after day it is very rewarding to me. and to receive something like
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this, it is very heart-felt. i have been working with disadvantaged businesses, small, local minority women since 2001 and this recognition is much appreciated. i also wanted to thank the small business commission director and staff. i have been working with them for about two years now and they are terrific, you have a great set of people who care from the heart. they go the extra mile and we worked collaboratively together to try to make our government efficient for the local businesses and not to increase hurtles because it is very complicated, and sometimes frustrating. sometimes for us as well. thank you so much and i appreciate this award. >> thank you. [ applause ]
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>> commissioners we are now on item number four, approval of
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the july 23rd minutes, drafted july 23rd, 2012 minutes. >> do we have a motion to approve the minutes? >> i prove. >> second, sorry, go ahead. >> got it. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> next item? >> commissioners item five approval of the august 13, 2012 meeting minutes documents drafted august 13, 2012 minutes. >> do we have a motion to approve the august 13th minutes? >> i move. >> i second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> and the minutes approved next item. >> commissioners number six, general public comment. do we have any members of the public that would like to comment on any item that is not on the agenda this evening? >> seeing none, public comments closed. next item. >> item 7, discussion and public action to make
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recommendation to the board of supervisers on board of supervisors file 120773. planning code, reinstating liquor license controls and stishing conditional use of requirement for limited restaurant. in your binders, the file number and the digest and we have a presentation by katherine stefani legislative aid to supervisor mark farrell. >> good evening commissioners. thank you for the opportunity to appear in front of you tonight to explain our legislation to you. as you ever are aware, superviser scott wiener passed legislation that consolidated. we took about 15 definition and consolidated them into two, to restaurant, bars and regular restaurants. >> in that consolidation, the
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union street neighborhood commercial street neighborhood was affected so that the liquor license controls that were in place were taken away. when they changed the definition of restaurant. so, it was inad ver tant and no one caught it at the time and we realized it after the fact. >> the association and the golden gate valley association came to our to alert us of this. we talked to the office and he agreed to sponsor the legislation to fix the legislation, so what you have before you is the legislation that actually will reinstate the controls in the union street commercial district and it will also require a conditional use permit for the limited restaurants, those are the restaurants that will not be allowed to have beer and wine or a liquor license. but the merchants on the street and the neighbors wanted a cu for those limited restaurants. so really, the legislation comes down to two things, reinstates the liquor license and requires a cu for the
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limited restaurants instead of being permitted as a right as supervisor's wiene r's legislation did. >> when he set out to change the planning code he did a lot of work and worked with various neighborhood commercial districts all over the city. and as a planning department will tell you and superviser wiener will back up. it was never their intention to unravel controls that were in place and that were agreed upon by neighbors and merchants. so this really was not inad ver tant, we are sorry that we did not catch it at the time. it did pass out on the planning commission last week, 6 to 1. commissioner sagia, was the only one that did not vote for it and he basically stated that he was upset that this was not taken care of at the same time that we did not catch it when it was passed. >> with legislation, we all know that you would not have
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unintended consequences if legislation was perfect when it went through. so this is just our attempt to really put forward the will of our merchants in our union street and the neighbors as well. and i don't know how many of you know the politics of that commercial district. often times the neighborhood association and the merchant organization don't see eye to eye. and i hope that you will see the legislation as well and i am available for any questions. >> commissioners? >> did you get anybody with any resistance against reinstating the controls, what i have heard so far is that it seems like a no brainer and it seems that it is universal but i just want to know if there is anybody who had any concerns who would not do this? >> we have not received any in our office. nor did the planning department. and it was actually on the
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content agenda at the planning commission, but the commissioner pulled it off. so we have not received the opposition or anything like that. >> it sounds like he was just annoyed at the procedure rather than anything with the idea of reinstating the controls. >> i think that is a good sum where i of how he felt. >> thank you. >> commissioner dooley. >> i want to say that i am support of this and i think that while superviser wiener's legislation has done a lot of great thing but i am a firm believer that the ncd should have control over the destiny of their neighborhoods and so i am completely supportive. >> thank you. >> any other commissioners? >> do we have public comment on item 7? seeing none, public comment on item seven is closed. do we have commissioner obrien? >> i move to support it.
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especially since we have... on the neighborhood commercial district and why would we even need to go against the will of the people really? it is universal? so we would like to make a motion that we approve this as proposed. >> i will second it. >> roll call? >> commissioners, there is a motion made by commissioner obrian to recommend oproval to the supervisors, 120773. seconded by rilely, on that motion commissioner adams? >> aye. >> dooley? >> yes. >> dwight? >> o'brien >> yes. >> white? >> yes. >> rilely, aye,. >> the motion passed 6-0. >> great, thank you. >> next item. next president would you like to call the next two items together? >> yes, i would call to item 8
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and 9 together. >> commissioners, item eight, discussion of possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on board of supervisors file number 1 20796 planning cold establishing the divisadero street neighborhood commercial district. in your packet on the file number along with the digest. presentation by we have chris... on file 120814 planning code establishing the fillmore street neighborhood and commercial district and i well introduce supervisor lugy. >> welcome. and >> thank you. >> thank you for coming. >> thanks. >> yes, we had a meeting early on with a member of the public who was interested in opening a
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brew pub on divisadero. he came across this problem where the second-floor uses were not allowed that were commercial and he was interested in using the second floor of a formally industrial site to create a restaurant. since that time, i believe that he has decided on a different location. but it did spark the conversation of the necessity to have some customized controls along the divisadero corridor to facilitate a variety of uses and be in sync with what we see there currently which is pretty much a very exciting kind of place, where it is high demand. we are seeing a buy right open in a few weeks and so we really wanted to kind of respond and rather than have to respond piece meal every time, a
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request came our way, that did not conform to the current code. we thought that we wanted to start the conversation with the members of the corridor, merchant's association to really decide whether the best approach would be to just start named nc and so we had the first meeting with the merchants, i believe that it went very well and we planned to have a couple more meetings with the merchant to see where they are with this issue. >> also, i have to leave, i do have a meeting in the community, but we are also considering upper, or a lower fillmore district, named nc, which we hope fill help to facilitate and help to promote the fillmore commercial corridor. we plan to have a meeting this friday, i believe, with commissioner white.
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and really explore those ideas more. when we are able to customize the controls it does help to facilitate a lot of the commercial possibilities and really open up the potential for jobs and hopefully just revitalize the commercial corridors. so that was the only intention behind our wanting to introduce these named ncs. as you know those named ncs on the hace valley, i believe, also, you know, obviously union street and other places. and so to that and that was the reason that we decided to go ahead and begin the conversation as least. so, we have here roso and rogers from the planning department who are also working on this and so if you have questions if you could correct them towards them that would be great. >> great. >> thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. and i just want to say this is really cool thing that you are doing divisadero treat is going
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through an amazing renaissance right now and every time that you go down there, it is like happening. >> commissioner commons? questions? >> commissioner o'brien? >> i could address it to the members of the planning department? if you want to step up. >> commissioners, may i recommend i think that supervisor olague gave an overview. we may want to have an official presentation and so perhaps we start with the first one listed is the divisader with an official presentation >> good idea. >> and the distinction of going from an nc one to a named nc. >> good afternoon, commissioners rogers department staff and i would happy to provide that overview and answer any questions that you
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might have. >> okay. >> for clarity, i am the only staff here from the planning department and if you have any questions about why they are doing this or what the process will be going forward she will be the best person for those. just like your staff also reviews ordinances which effects small businesses, the planning commission has staff that reviews ordinances that effects planning and zoning controls and so i manage that review. so we are in the process of reviewing these as we understand the supervisor is not in a rush to move them forward. but they might go to the planning commission some time in i am sorry. october. >> so we have not actually done our analysis, but i can give you a description of the controls. so the zoning controls in the city of san francisco are that there are two primary categories for these commercial dikts. the first is kind of a generic commercial district based upon the intensity of the street and the commercial uses and buildings on that street.
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so they are organized number merckly. districts, 1, 2, 3, in addition to those, there are throughout the city, named commercial districts and as the supervisor said it would be one neighborhood, upper market and tervil street and many, many streets have their own zoning controls. and in what this does is it enables the city's policy makers to consider tweaks to those particular corridors without necessarily effecting the changes throughout the city wide. for instance, if you run into an issue with the zoning on market street where it is zoned nc free, and you want to make a change to that then you also need to do out reach and work with other parcels and while the generic controls are good
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and they provide consistency, they are less adapable when you need to make specific changes to get the specific character that you need. what we have seen is the various officials are responding to the constituents and they need to have the controls that they can tailor to their district. and this most relentcy as supervisor created some named commercial districts in the sunset and now these would be creating new districts in fillmore and divisadero. >> these are nc 2 and 3. what she has done is taken the base zoning for nc two for divisadero and nc three... let me look it might be the opposite and then off of those, she has basically kept the controls where the retail is permitted on the first, second,
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third floor whereas the use limits and all of the controls exist there and replicated them with a few new changes. the new changes that she has done or things that we have seen as kind of standard, good planning principles applied elsewhere throughout the city. the first is a ground floor bonus for active uses on the ground floor where you could get up to an additional five extra feet if your ground floor met the requirement for an active use. and that is meant to create better ground floor spaces and i am sure that you considered ordinances which did that sort of thing. >> the other thing would be to remove the minimum parking requirements and parking as you know is a heated issue and it is important to understand that in someplace wes have parking requirements we you must provide x-amount of parking for use and in other places we have parking maximum caps where you cannot exceed that.
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so both of those regulate it, one by the minimum and the other by the maximum. >> in this area, the supervisor is removing the minimum requirements but not putting a maximum cap. so this allows more flexibility. it also helps to preserve the ground floor, when you think about your traditional neighborhood shopping street in san francisco, if it is only 25-foot wide and you add residential above, the planning code would require you to add additional parking for that residential and if you have 25-foot storefront and you need a 12 and a half garage then your retail space has significantly shrunk. and what this will say that you are not required to put in that parking because you are adding residential on top. those are the primarily changes and i think that is probably a good summary and i think that thco


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